About us

Welcome To Hung Thinh Company!


Hung Thinh Company Limited is one of the Vietnamese leading companies who specialized in manufacturing and exporting Handicraft and Art article products.

Hung Thinh company is the destination for the élite from all the Vietnamese traditional handicraft villages and home to all the most famous artisans in every part of our country. The specific characteristic of An Thinh is the creativeness basing on traditional art and its distinction is the combination of multi-materials and craftsmen skills in a product.

We have various groups of talented, professional designers, skilful craftsmen and a highly-experienced, professional Board of managing & executive staffs. We have a system of workshops producing handicraft products in all natural materials such as: silk, taffeta, cotton, horn, shell fish, wood…

Since being founded, we have established business relationships with many partners all over the world. Our products are now available in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, United State of America, Australia, Canada…


Here are some main product


Hand bags, Purses: taffeta bag, silk bag, horn bag, bead bag, shell fish bag combination with hand embroidery.

Silk fabric: : jacquard silk, plain silk, taffeta, raw silk, flax

Fashion accessories: silk scarves, cloths ( silk suit, skirt, shirt, kimono, pyjamas, …).

Table-cloths, duvet cover, bed sheet, pillow cases, cushion cover, placemat, napking, handkerchief, tote bag…

Embroidery: Lanscape, Animals, Flowers, Portrait…

Quilt: with many shape of embroidery and various matirial.


Our motto: “Prestige and quality of products and services” is the magnetic needle at every time and every where.

We are willing to co-operate with you and satisfy any of your need!